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Avast free for Windows is an antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit software that protects Windows PC against spywares, malwares and many other virus threats. Right now it is the best security software according to many positive reviews from around the globe and download stats from many popular downloading websites. It has improved a lot over the past few years and now its more like a security manager for PC. Improved firewall, intelligent scanning technique, browser integrated protection against possible malicious websites, do not track integration in browser and selective blockers for analytical and social trackers make this security software even more better choice in security software for Windows users.


Plus Points

  • Fully customizable on-demand system scan and powerful virus protection
  • Protection against malware, spyware and rootkits
  • Software updater lets you know about the out-dated programs installed in PC
  • Browser cleanup can reset web browser settings in case any adware, malware or spyware changed behavior of web browser
  • Built-in remote control support to remotely control or monitor any PC connected to internet from anywhere
  • Local and global stats for program and its functions
  • Silent mode for gaming and full screen programs
  • Web browser integrated add-on to provide website ratings based on community trust

New interface is really clean and clutter free yet it brings usual powerful virus removal and malware scanning features. Avast has proved a full security monitor and security scanner for computer.

On the left side panel of program, first section is ‘status’ – that displays overall system status in main area. It shows that you are protected or not, are the virus definitions up-to-date or not and protective shields are active or inactive. Below there are four main sections that you can customize for quick access of certain functions of Avast. ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Browser Cleanup’ are offered in two of those by default and other two can be filled by adding more useful functions that you want to use more often.

Quick scan offers a fast scan for the system drive, rootkits and auto-start programs. You can customize settings for scan type. Click at the scan, choose between quick scan, full system scan, removable area scan, select folder to scan or boot-time scan. Further more you can customize each scan type. For quick scan click at settings and customize scan type. Select area of scan, file types and content or file extension scan. Customize scan sensitivity, actions to perform on suspicious file, program or virus detection. Customize program’s performance, file exclusions and more. Avast functionality is fully customizable to serve and protect you better according to your personal preferences.

DynaGen-powered antivirus streams hundreds of tiny real-time updates to your PC’s virus database each day, to catch new malware faster. Its decisions are based on artificial intelligence that works inside the algorithm responsible for analyzing suspicious files.

Free Avast has got tools including ‘Software Updater’ to update old software from PC (manually), SecureLine (VPN) for anonymous web surfing (not free), ‘Web Browser Cleanup’ to fix web browsers (remove unwanted toolbars and other browser extensions), ‘Access Anywhere’ to remotely control a computer (Avast premier required to connect to) and ‘Rescue Disk’ tool. Tools are not fully activated and functional in free Avast but still some of these allow you to have some manual control over few functions e.g. software update recommendations.

Statistics section provides useful real time data for scanned items and status of shields activity. You can also view historical stats for system protection and Avast components status. Component status contains statistics about several operations performed by Avast and the status of product itself.

You might find few essential sections hidden. These have been relocated and not quite hidden but the new Avast might confuse you if you want to view the ‘Virus Chest’ (quarantined files), scan history or if you want to start a custom scan. The answer is not far away. At the main window of scan section, look at the bottom of Avast program. You will find three links as ‘Virus Chest’, ‘Scan History’ and ‘Create Custom Scan’.

Free Avast AV needs registration via email or you can also register by using your Facebook account. Registered user can view his account details, your devices (PCs, mobile) associated with Avast, product licenses and user can manage his Avast account.

Avast browser security and web reputation plugin offers protection against known phishing and malware websites, improving your overall browsing experience with crowd sourced web reputation rating. It displays website ratings based on community trust to let you know that website is safe or not.


Few users reported that Avast’s web browser add-on might interfere with web browsing and web pages might not load correctly and some other add-ons might not functioning properly with it. It also disables ads (AdSense and BuySellAds) from being displayed on websites. You can disable its browser add-on if you feel problem with websites. Also Avast Free might not work well with zone alarm. It also moved AdwCleaner (by bleepingcomputer) to Virus Chest. Even when I restored it and add exclusion for it and when I run the AdwCleaner, Avast again moved it to Virus Chest. I tried it repeatedly and every time Avast moved it to Virus Chest. For me, it caused slow system start up. I had to wait for desktop to load icons and all the programs and services. It also caused some problem with the WiFi internet program that I was using to connect to the internet. Finally I had to uninstall Avast. For many users Avast might be the best free protection but for me it did not work out for now.

Free Avast does not come with SafeZone (secured online payments and banking), silent firewall to protect against hackers, anti-spam protection, automatic out-dated software updater, AccessAnywhere (remotely manage other PC) and data shredder.


Free registration is required after 30 days.

Download Avast Free for Windows

Download Avast Free

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