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by Inspector on March 11, 2011

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HitmanPro.Alert is a security tool that silently checks the web browser integrity in background and alerts user when online banking and shopping is unsafe. Before you use your bank website or use your credit card online, this tool will let you know if your web browser is safe to use or not. Banking trojans are hard to detect and their new variants are missed by even popular internet security software (at least for few hours). These trojans are masked so they can infect PC and go undetected for few early hours. Cyber criminals need only those few hours to steal your important financial or confidential data.


Plus Points

  • Alerts the user when critical functions of the browser are compromised by known and new banking Trojans (Zeus, SpyEye, Sinowal also called as Mebroot or Torpig, Ice-IX, Citadel, Cridex, Carberp, Shylock, Tinba)
  • Passively vaccinates the computer to make sandbox-aware malware belief it is attacking an automated analysis system, causing the malware the disable itself.
  • Supports all popular web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, Comodo Dragon, Pale Moon, Tor Browser, Avant Browser, Baidu Spark Browser, SRWare Iron and Yandex Browser
  • Compatible with all antivirus programs and runs alongside any other security software

When you connect to an e-commerce website or your bank website, your web browser encrypts the communication so it can securely exchange transactions between computer and the website. However, the transaction data exists in plain readable format in your web browser. This plain information can be compromised and manipulated by malware to steal your account and banking credentials, just before it is encrypted and securely sent to your bank.

These banking Trojans are very difficult to detect, even with up-to-date antivirus software. This is because the attackers use custom-engineered binary obfuscation (polymorphism), cloaking and other armoring techniques to evade detection the first few days. To maximize the effectiveness of malware, hackers test their malicious program against antivirus products. Many renowned security companies acknowledge the low detection rate of banking Trojans. During the first 24 hours the average detection rate of new variants of financial malware, like Zeus, SpyEye and Sinowal, is very low. But cyber criminals only need a few hours to infect tens of thousands of computers and successfully steal money from hundreds of victims.

Reports show a loss of millions of euros in 2011, with an average loss of 4,400 euro per victim. In many cases victims have to wait months before they are compensated by their banks. It is only a matter of time when compensation is no longer obvious if you haven’t followed the necessary protection procedures.

Nearly all banking Trojans hook into the core operating system and relay critical system functions to position themselves between Windows and the web browser. This enables them to steal information and manipulate your online transactions.

HitmanPro.Alert will instantly detect over 99% of all known and new banking Trojans. It automatically informs users when critical system functions are diverted to untrusted programs. It effectively reveals the presence of any so called Man-in-the-Browser malware and offers the user to automatically download and scan their computer with HitmanPro anti-malware (30 days free – trial version) to immediately remove the security threat.


  • It only detects the intrusion and does not remove the infection. To remove detected malware or trojan, it offers HitmanPro software to download and try for 30 days.

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