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by Inspector on March 11, 2011

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This tool is designed specially to remove viruses that spread through USB and other external storage devices. Protect removable storage devices (USB drive, iPod, mp3 player, SD card, microSD) from getting infected by an infected PC or protect PC from getting infection when you connect an infected external storage drive with it. This tool provides great protection against virus, trojans, worms, spyware, hacking tools (Hacktools) and riskware. Its extensive database allows to detect and remove antiviral high spreading threats, and it also detects new variants of viruses, including viruses that are also completely new and unknown.


Install it on PC and your PC will be protected from external viruses that may try to enter through USB drives. Install it on USB drive and your USB drive will be protected from infected PCs. Its a two way protection for external mass storage devices and the PC.

Mx One Antivirus has 2 versions:

USB Module which allows you to protect your files in storage devices from infected PCs.

Guardian Module which protects your PC whenever you connect a storage device to it. External storage device will be analyzed quickly before you use it to see if it is infected or clean.

Plus Points

  • Designed specially for viruses that infect and spread through USB drives
  • Compatible with other antivirus programs
  • Protection in real time with ‘Check and Destroy’ (detects and removes all viruses that attempt to infect your device while connected to an infected PC, even unknown viruses) and ‘Guardian’ (protects your PC from viruses that come in infected USB devices
  • Protection against unknown viruses and new variants with “Heuristic ONE” and “GENERIC ONE”


Before downloading this software, review its status on McAfee Site Advisor. They say that its risky to visit Mx One Antivirus site or downloading software from it. It could be false positive.


Download MX One Antivirus

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