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by Inspector on March 11, 2011

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‘Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool’ checks computers running Windows for infections by specific, prevalent malicious software including Conficker, Brontok, Sality, Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom and helps remove any infection if found. When the detection and removal process is complete, the tool displays a report describing which malicious software was detected and removed. The tool creates a log file named mrt.log in the %WINDIR%debug folder.

Remember Confickr and Brontok worms. These two created a lot of problems few years back.

Confickr Worm disables important system services and security products (Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials) or Windows Update, downloads arbitrary files in PC, and prevents you from visiting websites, including those that allow you to download security updates.

And Brontok Worm disables the Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and modifies Windows Explorer settings. It removes the option of “Folder Options” in the Tools menu so that the hidden files, where it is concealed, are not easily accessible to the user. It also turns off Windows firewall. Using its own mailing engine, it sends itself to email addresses it finds on the computer, even faking the own user’s email address as the sender.

These two and lot more malware and viruses can be removed with this removal tool. Microsoft Windows Malicious Removal Tool can remove the following viruses:

Alcan, Alemod, Allaple, Alureon, Antinny, Atak, Badtrans, Bagle, Bagz, Bancos, Banker, Banload, Beenut, Berbew, Blaster, Bobax, Bofra, Bredolab, Brontok, Bropia, Bubnix, Bugbear, Busky, Captiya, Ceekat, Chir, Cissi, Codbot, Conficker, Conhook, Corripio, CplLnk, Cutwail, Cycbot, Daurso, Doomjuice, Dumaru, Esbot, Evaman, Eyeveg, FakeCog, FakeInit, FakePAV, FakeRean, FakeScanti, FakeSecSen, FakeSpypro, FakeVimes, FakeXPA, F4IRootkit, Fizzer, Fotomoto, Frethog, Funner, Gael, Ganda, Gaobot, Gibe, Gimmiv, Goweh, Hacker Defender, Hacty, Hamweq, Harnig, Haxdoor, Helpud, Horst, Hupigon, InternetAntivirus, IRCBot, Ispro, Jeefo, Kelvir, Koobface, Korgo, Ldpinch, Lethic, Locksky, Lolyda, Lovgate, Mabutu, Magania, Magistr, Maslan, Matcash, Mimail, Mitglieder, Mydoom, Mytob, Mywife, Nachi, Netsky, Newacc, Nsag, Nuwar, Oderoor, Oficla, Opaserv, Optix, Optixpro, Parite, Passalert, Plexus, PrivacyCenter, Purstiu, Pushbot, Qakbot, Randex, Rbot, Reatle, Renocide, Renos, Rimecud, Rjump, Rustock, Ryknos, Worm:Win32/Sality.AT, Virus:Win32/Sality.AT, Worm:Win32/Sality.AU, Virus:Win32/Sality.AU, Trojan:WinNT/Sality, Sasser, Sdbot, Sinowal, Slenfbot, Sober, Sobig, Spybot, Spyboter, Szribi, Storark, Stration, Stuxnet, Swen, Taterf, Tibs, Tilcun, Torvil, Valla, Virtumonde, Virut, Vobfus, Vundo, Waledac, Winwebsec, Wootbot, Wukill, Yaha, Yektel, Zafi, Zbot, Zindos, Zlob, Zonebac, Zotob.

Microsoft releases an updated version of this tool on the second Tuesday of each month, and as needed, to respond to security incidents. The tool is available from Microsoft Update, Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center. The version of the tool delivered by Microsoft Update and Windows Update runs in the background and then reports if an infection is found.

Because infected computers can appear to function normally, it’s a good idea to run this tool regularly even if your computer seems to be fine. You should also use an up-to-date antivirus software, to help protect your computer from other malicious software. We have covered free antivirus reviews in security section.

You can also perform an online scan for your computer by using the Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Download Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

Download Malicious Software Removal Tool
Malicious Software Removal Tool Website

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